Monday, 10 October 2011

Talybont Trial 2011

It was a busy weekend this weekend. With the Cardiff Half Marathon being the focus of next weekend, I wanted to make sure I fitted in a long run as part of my marathon training. So on Friday I did an 18 mile loop of the Taff Trail taking in all the sights between Tongwynlais and Cardiff Bay. It was a good run and I felt comfortable until mile 15 or 16 when my speed dropped and I had a mile or so of struggle.

But.... every day is a school day, and I think I managed this better than I have done in the past. I know for sure that when I am out on the road running that this slump is going to hit me at around mile 15 to 17. Knowing it's coming and then knowing that it will pass helped me to refocus and get back on track. I'm really working on building and maintaining a positive mental attitude to deal with the tough patches.

 On Saturday, I took part in the Talybont Trial. My Garmin tells me I ran 21.6 miles and that there was 4487 ft of ascent. It was a good day with great support and encouragement from the Brecon Moutain Rescue team. The weather was kind and the field was small and I love the freedom of these events that allow you to plot your own course between checkpoints. It was nice to see familiar faces, although I really must start finding out people's names!

I chatted with A chap called Andrew (I think) who DNF'd the L100 in July this year. He told me a cautionary tale about the importance of pacing and avoiding being timed out in the 100, and then disappeared into the distance like a whippet! Oh dear! What am I thinking??!

Anyway, map and photos of a great morning follow....

Talybont Trial 2011

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