Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tour of Pen y Fan

After last week's let down....Flashback: sitting in the van at Storey Arms realising that I didn't have my running shoes with me.....I was organised this week. I was in the car park, with shoes, and on my way by 8:30am.

I had intended to run up and down Pen y Fan from different directions, but it was bitterly cold so I opted to stay low and ended up doing a bit of a tour around the mountain.

My route:

Lots of opportunity for running here and I had the trails to myself until the half way point at Storey Arms.

The section across the hill from the Pontsticill side across to Garwnant is usually all bog, but it was frozen on this occasion and the running was fantastic.

A cautionary note. On this section, just on the climb up from the plantation, the map shows a path onto the moorland, but I either missed the path or it wasn't there, so I had to skirt up the side of the plantation then climb over a barbed wire fence at the top. This is where the buff comes into it's own.

I had a great run, I felt good, ran comfortably over a variety of terrain. My hair froze and the sweet tea at the half way burger van saved my life. That about sums it up.

Distance: 27 miles
Elevation 3100 ft
Time: 6 Hrs

I think the training is back on track. I'm enjoying the running and looking forward to getting back on the UTLD 100 course. The weekend after next I'm up to the Lakes with Annie and Sarah to run Keswick to Ambleside. The Spring is here (nearly) so it's all systems go!

Other photos from on route:

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