Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Might Contain Nuts Winter 40 (actually 42)

I've not written for a while. I've hit a bit of a winter slump, struggling to cope with dark nights and the drop in temperature. I've had 3 different bugs this Autumn and write this as my nose drips onto the keyboard with lurgy no. 3. Work has been busy (I'm leaving one job to start a new one in the New Year), we've acquired a new puppy and all in all, life has been busy. So I've not had the time or the space to think about writing anything insightful or interesting. My brain has been jammed full with other matters. But rather than let my blog die, I wanted to record the race I did last Saturday, just as a memory jogger and in the new year I resolve to write more intelligently and lose the bland stuff ...I'm feeling the pressure already!!

I had an early start last Saturday. Up at 4:15am, in the car by 4:45am and heading for Talybont on Usk for the MCN Winter 40.

I nearly didn't make it, but an opportunity came up at the last minute and on Friday with only a few hours before the start of the race, I contacted the organiser and confirmed that I would be taking part.

I'm so glad I did. It was a fantastic event. The organisation was excellent and support from the check point staff was spot on. The course was challenging with lots of ups and downs, mud, bog, ice, sleet, and due to my speed I did the last section in the dark.

It was nice to see friends before and after the event, and to make some new ones along the way. I remember the last time I did a MCN event I didn't know anyone on the start line, but this time round it was quite a social event.

I got around the 42 miles in a reasonable time (11:20), in good shape (physically and mentally) and was fine the next day - no aches or pains and no recovery time needed, so I've had a quick rejig of my calendar of events to focus on 100km events and 100 mile events in 2013.

I can't wait to get stuck into the new year and some new challenges....

...there's still one date to negotiate in the next month and I haven't made up my mind on what to do yet...19th December UTMB registration opens.

Me, Sarah & speed merchant Leigh (1st ultra for Leigh completed in 9hrs!)

Al, Me & Sarah pre-race delirium


  1. No aches or pains??? I think I need to train more!

    1. I'm showing off of course, but it's true, I don't get achey legs any more. Perhaps I need to run harder, but I like it when it's comfortable :0)