Friday, 23 March 2012

Fail to plan....

I had to cut my planned 30 miler short today. I was unprepared for the warm weather and took no where near enough water for the sunny, mild conditions.

It was a stunning day, and in my eagerness to get going I'd been complacent in my preparations. I had decided to do at least 30 miles but was mentally prepared to be out for up to 10 hours if I felt good. But i hadn't really thought about my route before I jumped in the van, and ended up setting off on a route that would avoid the crowds but didn't allow opportunity to pick up more water. By mile 9 I was already thinking about rationing my sips but I had another 3 climbs ahead of me, and whilst calculating the impact of a detour to buy more, I remembered that I had no cash on me! I didn't want to rely on water from the streams alone, so the only clean water I had access to was back in the van. Added to this, my foot was giving me gyp (ongoing niggles me from a twisted ankle during the Wye One Way).

I weighed it up, and made an early decision to take an exit route across the Beacons and just enjoy the great weather, the views and get back early.

First time in ages I've had a sit down on top to enjoy the views!

18 miles done
3600 ft ascent
4.5 hours (without the sit down to enjoy the views)

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