Monday, 20 February 2012

UTLD Lakeland 100 Fly through

UPDATED:   Full L100 route now posted

Bought my Dad a Memory Map GPS unit for his birthday and in setting it up I got to play with the mapping software for the PC.

Have a look at the first 50 miles of the UTLD Lakeland 100 route in glorious OS 3D - cover 50 miles in just 13ish minutes!

Lakeland 50 route to follow when I have another spare 2 days to waste playing on my laptop :0)


  1. That is outstanding. Also a little frightening at the flashbacks that gave me.

  2. Looks amazing but what are all those bumpy bits in the way of the run.

    1. I think the bumps must be a glitch in the software ;]

      By the way, I'm doing a rubbish job of competing with you over unusual back pack contents....must try harder!